What is dataTrade?

We are currently developing the digital platform, where you can control and trade your data. We expect launch the beta in May 2018.

How does it work?

dataTrade is a webplatform which you can access from anywhere. You just  go to www.datatrade.dk and log on.

First time you log on to dataTrade, you will have to fill out several data forms regarding your private data. You choose what data to make available for trading, so that corporations can send you offers.

We are working hard on connection corporations to our system, to make your available data an attractive digital asset.

Corporations does not have to be a part of dataTrade to receive a request from you (through our system) to handout what they data they might have on you, or a request of deletion.

If you suspect that a corporation have data on you, you can through dataTrade send a request/inquiry for insight, and then choose whether they are allowed to keep those data. It is one of the major key points of our project, to give people back the control of what is rightfully theirs.

Not just for trading

Your data is worth something, but you might just be looking to keep those data safe. You do not have to sell any of it to use dataTrade. You can use the system for safekeepings.

Take control

It can be quite difficult to find out what kind of data corporations have on you, but with dataTrade, you can create an overview and control what data those corporations are allowed to keep on you.

Though, of course there will be an issue on your data kept by officials like state, police and municipals, but there the data world will be much more clear after May 25.

A secure vault

To safeguard your data, we use a secure digital vault to keep your data safe from hackers and others who wants to exploit that precious asset.

Selling data

Our system is built to handle secure connections between corporations who are interested in buying your data, and you the data trader.

Feature explained: dataset

Everbody has different sets of data. You can create several datasets to make available, like all your private data or you can get your public available data on your house, send to the system to be put into a dataset.

Meet Mark

Mark enters his private data into a set of forms and we keep it sorted in sets in our data vault. Secure, but available for Mark to use.

Mark can now select what data to make available for corporations for them to send great offers directly to Mark, without him doing much work other than filling out the initial forms.

Why dataTrade?

Jon Smith explains the concept of dataTrade, and why we think it is important to take control of your own data.

Behind dataTrade

Data experts. DevOps specialists. Innovation consultants.

We  (CIMA Technologies) are behind the project dataTrade. We might not be that big, but what we lack in numbers we have in awesome people, great network and years of experience in the information technology world. The CIMA tech hub consists of CIMA itself, Det Gode Firma, Copyfightr, dataTrade, and several other companies and projects. In total around 30 people today.

Through our strong network within Denmark, England and US, we have the ability to solve even big challenges.

Come visit us!

You can find CIMA Technologies at Nytorv 5, 3.th. Copenhagen K.